The 15th Annual Scott Smed Invitational was a remarkable success. This really is a special day of golf. Your generosity continues to make a significant difference in our community.

This year, funds will support our three partner charities.




Pregnancy & Infanct Loss Programs    

All four Calgary hospitals have a special place where families, experiencing infant or pregnancy loss, can recover with dignity. Each year there are more than 200 neonatal deaths and over 1,800 documented miscarriages in Calgary. Together, we’ve raised $477,000 to help those facing this loss.


We’ve helped provide sustenance for kids from homes that can’t. In three years we have fed 36,400 meals and snacks to 25,000 children through Tummy Tamers. From September 2013 to May 2014 the Souper Stars taught 9,700 children, and delivered 10,900 snacks.


And, we have removed financial barriers that stand in the way of some kids’

participation in sports. It started 18 years ago. KidSport Calgary has since raised $5 million to help 22,000 young athletes play sports.


The 15th Annual Scott Smed Invitational will be BOWEN's final tournament as title sponsor. We're planning a big celebration.


Next year, we're going to raise the most amount ever. Don't miss out, contact Melissa Pope directly at 403-540-8999 or to join in on the fun next