A Day of Golf for Our Community


Game day is coming and, once again, you are invited to make a difference in the lives of Calgarians.


This really is a special day of golf. Itís a tournament that people like you and I have nurtured for 13 years now. Together, we have created an event that garners so much support, it continues to make a significant difference in the lives of people in Calgary.


Imagine. Because of us and a day of golf, all four Calgary hospitals have a special place where families, experiencing infancy or pregnancy loss, can recover with dignity and grace. They truly needed some comfort, solace and privacy. They now have it. And they always will.


Indeed. Should they need funds for maintenance and operating costs, weíre here for them. Just as weíre here for Community Kitchen and KidSport. Community Kitchen provides sustenance for kids from homes that canít. And KidSport removes the financial barriers that stand in the way of some kidsí participation in sports.


Theyíre both marvelous programs. They help keep kids at school. They help them concentrate and learn. And they make it possible for participants to engage in sports, throughout their school years.


If itís good for kids, itís good for our city. Which means itís got to be good for you and I to pitch in and help drive these programs to thrive and grow. Itís like that line about how ďit takes a village to raise a childĒ. You and I - and a whole bunch of other committed, community-spirited golfers, sponsors, volunteers and donors Ė weíre a big part of that village.


Which is why Iím asking you to join us at the 14th Annual Scott Smed Invitational Game day is Monday, September 15, 2014. At the Cottonwood Golf & Country Club. Itíll be a fine day for golfing for many good causes.


I look forward to sharing some friendly competition, laughter, tears and the spirit of giving with you,



Shannon Bowen-Smed

President & CEO




Infancy and Pregnancy Loss Programs